What styles do you teach?

Classical, Jazz and Contemporary: Pop, Rock, Worship, Gospel.

What methods do you use to teach?

The curriculum of Music with Miriam teaches begins all students with reading the grand staff, rhythmic values and harmony from the very first lesson. Once students have a handle on these fundamentals they can choose any style of music they would like to study. Although all students are required to study classical repertoire, they are not limited to only that era of music. If they accomplish their classical assignments then they can add on music that they enjoy

What are the frequency of the lessons?

Lessons are typically provided once a week but many students who are beginners can benefit from lessons twice a week. 

Can we just sign up for one lesson?

Music with Miriam does offer one-time lessons when the instructor has availability, though it is not recommended. If you have only one lesson and your teacher assigns the student something, there is no follow-up to see how the student did with the tasks given in the first. Contact us to set up lessons to start anytime of the year and join the current session that will be pro-rated for you. 

Do we have to sign up for a year?

The year is split into 3 sessions: Spring, Summer & Fall. Music with Miriam only requires a commitment for one session and summers are flexible. Within a single session, students and teachers can develop a good rapport with one another and determine if their instrument of study is a good fit. Students can enter at any time during a session. For instance, if you begin lessons in October then you are committed through the end of December (Fall Session) and your package will be pro-rated. 

We have a keyboard, will that work for piano lessons?

An acoustic piano is always best. However, a student can begin on a keyboard. A fully weighted keyboard is the best and can be used for practice with headphones on. A keyboard (even a fully weighted one) will never replace the true touch of a real acoustic piano. If they can start on an acoustic piano, they will progress more quickly and develop skills they could not otherwise. Some people spend thousands on a keyboard when they could get a great acoustic piano for the same price. Music with Miriam is an Educational Partner with Steinway & Sons. You may email Jonathan Dickinson for any help purchasing a piano. Mention that you are a Music with Miriam student to get the best specials and promotions.